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KPop Korean Treat Box 

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"... just wanted to say the box has arrived today. I've had a really tough day today so it definitely made me smile. Thank you so much ❤😊" 

Aneta, Yorkshire

"Thank you so much! You made my day so special"

Iqra, London

"I am obsessed with your boxes... thank you so much for sending me the extra parcel of sweets!"

Natalie, Wales

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How often will I get this box?

You'll get a box delivered monthly, on the 4th of each month.However if you need it for a different date just let us know! :)

Is it only Food Treats?

Nope! Your box contains a surprise collection of lots of food treats, but you'll also get picks from our range of Korean beauty products, stationary, and also you can request KPop merch. Some customers would like us to create KPop inspired merch for them which we also try to do! :) You can customise your box, for example you can request more stationary less cakes, or more beauty and less stationary. Also if you have a favourite treat let us know and we'll try our best to find it and add it to your box!

What's in the box?

Each box is individually created with Korean treats including Kancho choco biscuits, Pepero (various flavours available), Korean Noodles , Seaeweed Crisps, Savoury and sweet snack packs such as Wangsora, Taro crisps etc, Korean crackers, Korean biscuits in flavours such as cream, pineapple, strawberry, drinks (various flavours and labels available), lollipops, jelly sweets, selection of candies, Korean special candies, selection of face masks, selection of choco pies in various types such as strawberry, shea butter, pearl etc, cute note books in various designs, Korean pens, KPop Idol socks (Pick your idol such as BTS member, EXO, etc). Additionaly requests and KPop inspired merch.